Prosci® Change Management Certification Program is designed especially for those who are responsible for driving change within teams or organizations. We welcome individuals who are looking to improve their expertise on change management and would like to become one of the best change managers.

This is a three-day unique experience of lectures and practical activities. Each participant is expected to come with a project they have or had been working on as they will practice and apply tools on their own project throughout the program.


Prosci® offers role-based trainings for individuals at every level of organization and teaches them how to play their role in the time of change. Prosci Methodology is based on the belief that solutions, when dealing with organizational change, are not one-size-fits-all. Trainings are therefore more effective (time- and cost-wise) and practical.

Participants get hands-on experience while applying models and tools to their existing project.


We use our expertise and Prosci’s change management research, tools and methods to help you accelerate your change success and build organizational change capability.

We offer Prosci workshops and coaching programs and together with our consulting services we strive to become your partner in times of change by empowering you to:

  • Leverage research and industry best practices
  • Accelerate results
  • Demonstrate the impact of structured and intentional approach
  • Establish measurable metrics
  • Facilitate your impacted groups
  • Improve your skills and knowledge on change management
  • Deliver sustainable results
  • Build organizational change capability
Best practices in change management


Prosci offers research-based methodology, models and tools. Over 20 years of research on best practices and “lessons learned” from change management experts from all over the world make Prosci a world leading change management methodology. The report Best Practices in Change Management represents the world’s largest body of knowledge on managing the people side of change and is updated every two years with insights from global experts.

  • RESEARCH – optimized approach to managing change

  • ONLINE TOOLS – ready access to your tools

  • FULLY EQUIPPED TOOLKITS – step-by-step instructions

  • BOOKS – change management library