When organization sets new business goals, some improvements are needed. Those improvements involve processes, job roles, technology, organizational structures, etc. Projects usually bring a solution, but the change toward an improved state of an organization is actually within people. People need to change the way they do their job and only then the organization as a whole can become better and is able to achieve business results. Resistance is common and it is highly important for employees to understand the need for change and the risks of not changing. It is up to the managers to communicate this accordingly and to set a great example for the employees to follow.

Learning objectives

Managers attending this one-day program will

  • Understand the people side of change
  • Understand the importance of a strong managing role and clear communication to thrive through change without major resistance among employees
  • Understand how to apply the ADKAR® Model
  • Learn how to process many changes with a practical framework
  • Assess a current change which is impacting their team and learn to use tools available for managers
  • Create plans to help employees overcome resistance and guide them to desired outcomes

Program is designed for anyone who manages employees either team managers, middle managers or senior directors. It is not intended for change practitioners or project managers.

Program Agenda


  • How change management impacts organizational results
  • The process of leading people through change
  • Key concepts in change management
  • Change management research and best practices
  • Prosci ADKAR® Model for individual change


  • Introducing change to your employees
  • Facilitating employees through the change transition
  • Identifying and managing resistance
  • Reinforcing and celebrating success

Course materials included in the package:

  • Change Management Guide for Managers toolkit
  • Program workbook, assessments and handouts
  • Best Practices in Change Management
  • Change Management: The People Side of Change
  • Employee’s Survival Guide to Change
  • ADKAR®: A Model for Change

This program covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Prosci®’s Change Management process for managers
  • Change concepts
  • The people challenges of change (Prosci people risk assessment)
  • Prosci’s ADKAR® Model of individual change
  • Review of pre-work
  • Best practices in change management
  • The return on investment of change management
  • The 5 roles of managers in times of change
  • Leading others through change
  • Change coaching
  • Prosci’s top ten steps for managing resistance

Prerequisite: none


  • read the book ADKAR®: A model for change by Jeffrey M Hiatt
  • select a change in your organization to talk about during the program
  • complete the Prosci® Change Worksheet for your selected change
  • conduct a short ADKAR® survey with your team/employees on the selected change

To successfully participate in the program, you need:

  • Completed Prosci® Change Worksheet
  • Completed ADKAR® Team Survey
  • ADKAR®: A model for change in business government and our community by Jeffrey M Hiatt (book)